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Buzzafy provides you with a great way to share your Press Releases with journalists and influential individuals. Press releases are a crucial way for organizations, brands and people alike to introduce themselves - whether it be about services, new projects, or anything else that's happening in the world today.

However, press release platforms continue to play an integral role even outside of their traditional boundaries: from tweets of text updates from food trucks and weekend fairs where there is no formal paper application process needed; to YouTube channels where gamers announce who won competitions before other broadcasters (like ESPN) get to break the news first; or Web sites that use announcements section articles like announcement blogs - which have now been superseded by Blogspot/Blogger or Wordpress blog posts - for posting online status reports on all matters relating to how our day-to-day lives function both online and offline.

You want the word to spread about what you do? Send your press and news releases with Buzzafy - a service we provide from article writing all the way to advertising campaign management. Using our innovative digital platforms, you will be able to release an extensive amount of information without spending much time at all!

You're probably feeling confused right now, wondering how something so old school could still work today. Fact is it does; sending out a press release takes little more than composing a paragraph of text on the page (say we're talking headlines). Then send it off to everyone who matters - not only journalists but also bloggers or influential people in general (let them know what's going down). Alongside this process, if there is any product launch involved then adding a link to your latest offering here helps massively when it comes to generating those valuable referral sales online too - which ultimately tells you this straightforward process does exactly what it says on the tin.

Send your press and news releases with Buzzafy.

Buzzafy is a global press release publishing service. Our modern press release distribution platform allows you to easily send your press release to national and international media, journalists and influencers for just one fixed low price. A press release is often used by organizations to approach the media. When sending out a press release it might feel outdated - but nothing could be more false. With a press release you're communicating a message not only to journalists, but also other groups such as bloggers or vloggers who come across it when reading about your new products, services or website.

Moreover, in messages sent through Buzzafy you can include links to relevant pages on your website without having to copy paste multiple individual links from within an email; this saves time especially if there are many links included in the body of your email which would end up being long otherwise!

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Can I submit a cryptocurrency or blockchain related press release?

Have you been thinking of releasing a cryptocurrency or blockchain related press release? Buzzafy firmly supports decentralised technologies. If your company or startup has developed a project using these technologies, and if you would like to issue an pr announcement about it, please contact us. You can also find out more by reading through our submission guidelines (our FAQ).