New York, US, Oct. 04, 2022, 10:33 am EST
Gamut launches new service for local political advertising

With Tunnl's Voter Data, Gamut Gives Advertisers Ability to Efficiently Target Only Voters Who Have Yet to Vote

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Gamut launches new service for local political advertising

Gamut, a leader in local OTT advertising, announces the launch of a new service for targeted local political advertising. The proprietary service is specifically designed to be deployed beginning 40 days out from an election and gives marketers the ability to make their buys as efficiently as possible by targeting only voters online who have yet to vote in this election cycle.

Gamut has partnered with Tunnl, the audience identification and segmentation platform for purpose-driven marketing, to deliver data-driven insights on potential voters who have not yet voted. The service, which combines Gamut's local OTT expertise with Tunnl's voter data, is a powerful new tool that cuts ad spend waste and distributes advertisers' message at the right time, reaching eligible voters who can make a difference.

"This service greatly enhances our abilities to impact election outcome and solves critical challenges that all political marketers face," said Adam Gaynor, Gamut's Interim President and Chief Revenue Officer. "As the elections get closer, there's a greater likelihood that advertisers can strengthen their reach by targeting the right voters. We will work with political advertisers in real-time to build local campaigns that will dynamically evolve based on changing status of voters, with meaningful, data-driven messaging that can drive voters to action right up until election day."

During this election cycle, the ad market is expected to experience record-breaking saturation leading to scarce inventory, especially across local broadcast and cable. According to AdImpact's 2022 Midterm Projections Spending Report, $9.7 billion will be spent on political ads during the 2022 election cycle. Two-thirds of that ad spend is expected to go towards local linear TV channels, with almost $1 billion already pre-booked. It follows that there will be significant inventory constraints, leading to preemptions that are likely to disrupt political campaigns and leave them scrambling to deliver on displaced local spots. With guaranteed premium OTT inventory and a track record of delivering 99 percent of political bookings in full, Gamut provides the audiences, geo-locations, and impressions/GRPs political marketers need to offset these preemptions.

This solution leverages Gamut's technology that ensures targeted reach of eligible voters, frequency capping, and competitive separation, to an expansive list of over 100 of the most popular and premium publishers who are streaming OTT content. With Tunnl's voter data, advertisers can ensure that they find, target, and reach the voters that matter the most in the last critical weeks and days of the election.