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Atlanta, US, Oct. 05, 2022, 08:49 am EST
National Christian Financial Advisors Relaunches Their Automated Platform, Cyborg-Advisors

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National Christian Financial Advisors Relaunches Their Automated Platform, Cyborg-Advisors

National Christian Financial Advisors, Inc. (NCFA) is relaunching its digital advice product, Cyborg-Advisors, by partnering and using Betterment for Advisors. NCFA is a leading minority-owned independent registered investment advisory firm (RIA) specializing in helping employees personalize and manage their employer-sponsored retirement plan assets. Betterment has over 730,000+ customers and managers $33B in client assets and is the pioneer of the Robo advisory model.

NCFA initially launched on January 17, 2017, using their developers' in-house technology.

"NCFA designed Cyborg-Advisors to Democratize Wall Street," said Hakeem J. Webb, Founder & CEO at National Christian Financial Advisors, Inc., intending to level the playing field for minorities, unbanked people, and micro-to-midsize businesses. "After a short delay, we can now deliver access to seasoned wealth advisers, financial planners, institutional portfolio managers, institutional research, financial literacy, and planning tools typically available to individual investors with $500,000 or more, institutions, and hedge funds. The playing field is now leveled!"

From a technology standpoint, Cyborg-Advisors now have best-in-class technology to help us make people's lives better through automated wealth management, including opening accounts, transferring money from other custodians, depositing money, and linking bank accounts.

The portfolios and operations are automated, but you have access to an entire firm with seasoned qualified independent wealth advisors who are fiduciaries and will always put your interest first.

Product Offering

  • Fee-only advisory
  • NO Commissions
  • NO Proprietary products
  • Automated Investing
  • Checking & saving accounts – Hassle Free, NO-Fee Mobil-first checking and Visa debit card
  • IRAs, 401k and 529 plans
  • Expert-built, curated portfolios
  • Customized Faith Based portfolios
  • Customizable portfolios
  • Socially Responsible Portfolios
  • Financial planning

"Easy, simple, intuitive, and comprehensive," said Nicole J. Bennett, a former CVS Health Executive and long-time client of NCFA. "I needed to roll over my 401k assets by September 30, 2022. I reached Hakeem a few days before, told him, and he shared that his firm was relaunching their automated platform Cyborg-Advisors. The entire process took me less than 10 minutes. I was impressed. It takes me more time to order a cup of coffee. I highly recommend working with Hakeem, NCFA, and using the Cyborg-Advisors platform."

NCFA, Inc. is a leading minority-owned and operated national independent full-service, fee-only registered investment advisory (RIA) and wealth management firm that serves a global client base of diverse investors and aims to 'Democratize Wall Street.' For more information about National Christian Financial Advisors, please visit our website at:

Betterment is a technology-driven financial services company offering everyday spending and saving services alongside its core investing and retirement solutions. Since 2010, Betterment has had one mission: to help people make the most of their money to live better lives. Using cutting-edge technology, they empower hundreds of thousands of customers to manage their money – for today, tomorrow, and someday – through personalized, expert advice, automated money management tools, and tax-smart strategies that help keep taxes low across accounts.